In My Solitude

Love it when I have the weekend all to myself. No traveling and no need to listen to family’s politics. Just kick back sipping coffee, relax to John Coltrane’s Classic Quartet, and read a book. Solitude is just beautiful, like a short poem from my man Song Vinh written on the back cover of Huong Mua:

Con ta mot cho rieng nay (Here’s a space left for me)
Cho mua rat lanh (A cold, rainy space)
Cho ngay rat rieng (A space of privacy)

Please help me out with the translation. Huong Mua is a book that I reach over and over again like a glass of water. The poems are refreshing, and I get a kick out of his wordplay on Trinh Cong Son’s titles every time I recite “Thang Tu 2:”

In the first two lines
thang tu nguoi ngu, yen roi
uot mi bien nho mot loi chia tay (TCS music)

In the last two lines
thang tu xa thang tu gan
hoa vang may do dau chan dia dang (TCS music)

You may say I am a loner, but I enjoy every minute of it.