Just Dreamin’

After watching Paris By Night 79 (Dreams) and reading my review, a reader, who would like to remain anonymous, challenges me to see if I have the ball to post something he has written. The piece, which based on a verse from Biggie’s “Just Playin’ (R&B Bitches),” demonstrates how a show like Paris By Night can corrupt our mind. I must admit, I was hesitated at first because of the misogynist content, but my ball is as huge as the Epcot Center, so what the heck do I gotta lose? If Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen can read their fan letters on the show, why can’t I post mine on my site? He also sent along a clip of Biggie’s original freestyle. I am feeling it, man!

As I sit back relax,
Poppin’ Paris By Night into the deck
Checkin’ out the sexy singers that I wanna sex
I’d probably start off with Bao Han
Stickin’ that skinny ass just for fun
Then hit her friend Nhu Loan too.
Wait a minute, what about Ho Le Thu?
That lil’ slut can give me head
With Thuy Van and Tu Quyen rockin’ in the same bed.
I wanna do Ky Duyen too, but that bitch talks too much
So I put her in charge of my left nut
While her girlfriend Luu Bich’s on my right
Loan Chau is the one I wanna bone all night
Cause I know that pussy is tight.
Yeah! Minh Tuyet is the cutie with the big booty
I’m ma hit that ass till it gets juicy.

Dreams of fuckin’ all Thuy Nga bitches
I’m just playin’. Know what I’m sayin’.