Paris By Night 79 – Dreams

Thuy Nga’s latest video, Dreams, boosted up more provocative visual than innovative music. From the sexy trio intro, which featured bosomy Nhu Loan, luscious Loan Chau, and juicy Ho Le Thu, to Tu Quyen’s lingerie and bed-rocking presentation to Thuy Van’s skin-to-skin bump-and-grind, the show was a big dream of orgies. Thuy Nga’s chicks were so disgustingly seductive that we would have a hard time concentrating on the music. I had no clue what Thuy Van and Tu Quyen were singing nor I could recall what their male partners (Nguyen Hung and Luong Tung Quang) looked like next to them. Who could pay attention to the lyrics when Minh Tuyet’s bubble butt and Nhu Loan’s fake but firm breasts occupied our mind? And just when we were about to get tired of looking at the same old girls, Thuy Nga slapped on some new ones to keep us coming back for more. Ngoc Lien was the latest protégé who brought more appearance than voice to the production. But hey, I am not complaining. I don’t mind watching them.

When the sex was not present, the video got boring and stale. We know the drill: get rich on dead writers. Thuy Nga loved to recycle old songs. The problem was their musical production hardly revived the ageless standards. The most disappointing arrangement was in Trinh Cong Son medley. The plain and colorless production weakened the performance. Khanh Ly and Tuan Ngoc were undoubtedly two of the most successful voices in covering Trinh’s work, but their selection for this medley was not so convincing. Khanh Ly sounded aged on “Hay Yeu Nhau Di” and Tuan Ngoc was banal on “Tinh Sau.” The only striking coverage was “Phoi Pha,” in which Tuan Ngoc gave a heartfelt delivery.

I am not sure why Huynh Nhat Tan wasted his time writing idiotic song like “Yeu La Chi?” Even though the chorography was cleaver (specially the creative use of glow sticks), the Chinese/hip-hop/trance mix along with Linda and Tommy’s Vietnamese rap were just incredibly unpleasant. But that performance was not as awful as “Street Dreams” by Van Quynh and Adam Ho. Thuy Nga had turned these two young and innocent kids into pathetic punk rockers. I am sorry to say, but watching them gave me nightmares instead of sweet dreams.

Paris By Night 79 is another typical product from Thuy Nga. I am getting tired of watching it, and I have no motivation of writing it. This is my last piece on DVDs music review, not only from Thuy Nga, but other productions, including Asia and Van Son, as well.