An American Who Loves Vietnamese Music

About a month ago, I received an email from Adam Bray, “a big white guy” (in his own words) who loves Vietnamese popular music, complimented on my review column. Bray took a trip to Viet Nam and loved it so much that he ended up staying in Phan Thiet for two years. He spent his nights at local bars and hang out with the singers. The most intriguing part was that he did freelance Web design to get by. I envy him for his courageousness to live in a place that he just happened to love, and made a living with what he liked to do. I have thought of that, but never have the heart to go forward. As much as I love to live in Viet Nam, I don’t know if I can survive without a steady income. In addition, I don’t even know if I can find a job in Viet Nam. I don’t want to end up doing construction work for my uncle just like the rest of my cousins. Back to the subject, I found an interesting interview with Bray, “Mot Nguoi My Yeu Nhac Viet” (written in Vietnamese), on Giai Dieu Xanh. Bray is back in Maine now for family’s matter, but he hopes to get back to Viet Nam soon.