Thanh Thuy

The good part about young pop stars recovering golden music is that they make us appreciate the older generation. After watching Asia’s 75 Nam Am Nhac Viet Nam and listening to Thanh Thao’s Bay Ngay Doi Mong, I was inspired to seek out recordings that were made prior to 1975, and Thanh Thuy’s affectionate and passionate vocals hypnotize me. She sang with tremendous attention to the lyrics, and her phrasings were amazing. I love the way Asia’s producers reinvigorate Dang The Phong’s “Giot Mua Thu” for the younger singers, but they could not replace Thanh Thuy’s irreplaceable vocals. Despite the low quality of the recordings, her voice was always captivating. Listening to Thanh Thuy’s interpretation of Vietnamese patriotic music is like Bessie Smith sings the blues. Although she has been able to maintain god-sent voice till this day, I find her early works to be astonishing. If anyone has a collection of her songs and willing to share, your generosity is greatly appreciate it.

Bonjour Vietnam