Great Voice But Poor Choice

The young Le Quyen has a captivating timbre —powerful and perspicuous—with no breathe or pitch issues. While her technical skill is promising, her music selection is disappointing. The materials on her debut Giac Mo Co That do not bring out the aesthetics of her marvelous vocals. She is wasting her talent with the translated ballads (“Ve Ben Em” and “Phut Giay Hanh Phuc”) and saccharine pop tunes (Le Quang’s “Quen Mot Cuoc Tinh” and Vo Thien Thanh’s “Trang Chieu”). As much as I enjoy Tuan Nghia’s “Hay Tra Loi Em,” the performance doesn’t leave a lasting impact. With that strong and slightly raspy voice, she can do better to elevate her stature. I am looking forward to a wiser decision-making (musical choices) in her next work.