Fundraising Concert

Ve Nguon (Back to the Root) Foundation will be hosting a dance party on the 29th of October in Woodbridge, New Jersey to raise money for the flood victims in Viet Nam. The Magic Night band with lead singer Thu Hoai will be holding down the dance floor. These guys can jam. Check out their live performances on the band’s site, including the groovy chachacha ballad “Sai Gon Dep Lam,” the sweet sentimental “Unchained Melody,” the disco joints “I Will Survive & Hot Stuff,” and the Latin tune “Khuc Tinh Nong.” With a wide range of styles and Thu Hoai’s sensational vocals, I am sure they will keep you sweat. If you’re in or close by the NJ area, come out, have fun, meet new people, and most important of all, support the needy children and seniors in our homeland.