Lil’ Kim – The Naked Truth

When the great late 2pac Shakur dropped his classic Me Against the World, he was locked up for sexual harassment. A decade later, Kimberly Jones aka Lil’ Kim tells the world the Naked Truth about the shootout incident and the snitches before spending a year and a day behind bars. Despite the drama heading her way, Kim is more focused than ever. She pens tighter lyrics and spits slicker verses on her latest album.

With hit-making producers, including Scott Storch, T.I., and Fredwreck, laying down the beats, Kim has done a fabulous job of riding out her enemies. On “Spell Check,” she uses Biggie’s style spelling out the word “P-U-S-S-Y” to describe her former Junior M.A.F.I.A crew. She also pounds the homo-thug 50 Cent with, “The man, Five Oh, I don’t see him in the club / Cause he’s out in the CT with a dick in his butt.” On “Quiet,” with the Game on the hook, she applies Eminem’s aggressive and gimmick flow bitchslapping Foxy Brown, “… hoes wanna go to court til I pay them for their nails.”

When not dissing, Kim takes listeners back to her sex standards. Although the mind-freaking “Kitty Box” is raw, nasty, and highly erotic, she does not impressed me as much as her battling style. Plus, I really don’t give a damn if her vagina is “wetter than the whole Niagara” or how tight and right it is. Just give us the streetwise Bella, and leave the hardcore freaky stuffs out, especially “Gimme That.”

The juice of the record are those genuine joints such as “Slippin,” “All Good,” and” Last Day” where Queen Bee pours her heart out and rhymes like she has to get words out of her system. Naked Truth is Kim’s best work to date, in which her delivery has shown tremendous maturity, and she has proved it is true that “a cell’ll hold [her] body and never [her] mind.”