Man Sings the Blues

“Berkeley Campus Blues,” “You Can’t Run Around (Blues),” “Every Day I Have the Blues,” “Undecided Blues,” “Evil Blues,” “Sunny Boy Blues,” and “Cryin’ Blues” are all savory blues pieces delivered by an exceptional blues vocalist Jimmy Rushing. After playing his album, Every Day I Have the Blues, several times straight through, I can’t even pick out a bad song, and there are sixteen tracks to choose from. Now that is an example of a perfect album. Rushing’s voice alone is a work of art: effortlessly in control, warm in tone, sweet in harmony, and expressive in phrasing. In addition, his singing varies from energetic swing (“Sent for You Yesterday (Here You Come Today)”) to soulful blues (“Take Me Back, Baby”). However, the record wouldn’t be as hot as it is without a good band to back up the singer, and the band that accompanied Rush is outstanding. They not only bring out the aesthetics of Rush, but also their own with a delicious instrumental “We Remember Prez,” a dedication to Lester Young composed by trombonist Dicky Wells. With the reissue version – two superb records (Everyday I Have the Blues and Livin’ the Blue) packed into one – this album rules!