Nguyen Co Don

Yes, Nguyen Co Don is his name. Can’t get any cornier than that, right? I forced myself to give his album, Co Don Giua Nhan Gian, a spin, and it was not a pleasurable experience at all. His style is concocting of Duy Manh’s and Luu Chi Vy’s mixture. While his voice is a reminiscent of Duy Manh, his delivery is as girlish as Luu Chi Vy’s. The outcome is pathetically oppressive. The title track, which comes from his own pen, is straight Chinese-melody jacked, from the beat to the traditional instruments (plaintive strings). It’s a shame that we’re still ripping Chinese’s tunes. I don’t even have the courage to delve into the rest of album, which filled with awful rap and digital-enhanced vocals; therefore, I stop here.

Bonjour Vietnam