A Short Break

I will be flying out to San Jose tomorrow morning and will be attending Ngoc Lan’s Night on Saturday. I will have to fly back on Sunday because I have deadline (September 1st) to meet. I was not planning on going at all, but my projects are working out smoother than I have predicted. Development site is 95% done and will be ready to relaunch on September 1st. The design will be completely new and refreshing, so make sure to come back and check it out. The redesign of German Studies site is coming along too. After several mockups, we finally agree on a design that is contemporary, edgy, clean and simple. After Development site gets out of the way, I’ll knock German Studies out too.

Although being at Ngoc Lan’s Night is the whole purpose of the trip (the organizer works too hard to make it happens), I also get a chance to visit my best friend who will be hosting me for two days. It’s about time I drag myself over the west coast. I am sure I won’t find anything as surprising as the first time I stepped my foot on the land of opportunity, but at least I’ll get to know Californ-I-A. I also needed a short break before the summer is over and the new semester begins. I am planning on taking a jazz history course, but not sure if I can get in. I won’t know until the first day of class. That’s the price I have to pay to get into free class; therefore, nothing is really free.