Meets Accessibility

Ladies and gentlemen, I am about to blow my own trumpet with Louis Armstrong’s style: clear and loud, so please cover your ears. While checking out an Apple store (in a mall, not online), I felt in love with the 30-inch Cinema Display. Of course, the first thing I wanted to do was to find out how looks on such a huge screen, and I am impressed. Instead of getting large white space on the sides like Apple’s own website, is filled the screen with the image background (like I said in my Visual Changes post, folks with large screens get extra bonus). Here is the normal-text-size screenshot, which has been resized from the width of 2550px to 800px. And here is the screenshot that had been zoomed out by increasing the text size. Notice how the site scales to fit the 30-inch Display. Users with low vision will surely appreciate the flexibility of the site. I am proud to present to the world a Web site where design meets universal usability. also passed 508 standards according to Cynthia.