Japanese Hotpot

After watching Lost In Translation, I’ve been looking all over for an authentic cuisine that Bill Murray has commented as, “What kind of restaurant makes you cook your own food?” Last Sunday, I have found what I have been searching for at Shabu-Zen in Boston, and I was impressed with the quality of the foods, the prices, and the services.

The whole meal is simple and elegant. Just fresh meat, fresh seafood, fresh vegetables (including tofu) boil in blazing broth according one’s personal preference (Yeah baby, I like it raw…), and then dipping in the flavorful sauce for a tasty experience. A bottle of Kirin Ichiban is a perfect choice to rinse down the food, but a glass of real-fruit smoothie, especially mango, is a delightful alternative.

I have to come back to try everything on the menu even though the “Meat Combo” (lamb and beef) and “Seafood Platter” (salmon, cod, scallops, fish cake, and squid) were magnificent. Although I am not getting paid or a free meal for my recommendation, Shabu-Zen is a worth visit if you’re in the Boston area next time.