Nguyen Hung – Da Vu Quoc Te

In Thuy Nga’s special DVD, Da Vu Quoc Te, Nguyen Hung and the Paris By Night’s dancers stomped the floor. Nguyen Hung is undoubtedly a skillful dancer, but Thuy Van is the one that set the stage ablaze. Her erotic appearance and her luscious steps damn near kick him off the frame. Although the cameras focus more on him, my attention switches from him to her within the first minute on the lead-off pasodoble performance of “Malaguena.” The red dress looks so hot on her, not to mention what the skirt reveals. By the time the second presentation (“Ngu Di Em”) arrives, he appears like nothing but a moving poll for her to grind on. The skin-liked outfit makes her look like a piece of fresh meat that best eats raw. The way she moves on her own choreographed rumba is jaw dropping.

On the next performance, which is the chachacha’s “Ai Se La Em,” Nguyen Hung’s screen presence shines because Thuy Van is not in it. However, she is back on “Black is Black,” and continues to dominate the stage in cowboy boots, hat, and strap while Nguyen Hung looks mad gay in his tight clothes that reveal nothing but his gut. Nguyen Hung is fit, but he is not as young and as built as the male dancers. He has the move, but not the six packs; therefore, suits fit him better. On “Tinh Nghia Doi Ta Chi The Thoi,” Nguyen Hung finally gains his stage presence in a handsome suit and gives a fantastic tango performance with Thuy Van. Once again, Thuy Van has done a wonderful job at choreographing the chachacha on “Lien Khuc Khong 1 & 2,” and her singing is not outstanding but listenable. Obviously, Ho Le Thu is nowhere near Thuy Van in term of dancing. The music video concept on “Bang Bang” is surprisingly clever, and Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen’s moves are not so bad either.

Although Da Vu Quoc Te is Nguyen Hung’s show, Thuy Van steals the attention whenever she is in it. Mad props go to Shanda Sawyer as well as Thuy Van for their creative minds as choreographers. Except for the first couple of songs where Nguyen Hung’s steps are a bit feminine, he has done a great job as a singer and dancer. I wish they had added the swing to the video. Swing is fun, and I want to see Thuy Van swings her things.