New Workout Plan

Between Vassar Music Library and Pougkeepsie Public Library, I have collected over 200 jazz recordings. I spend most of my evenings listening to them. Instead of just staying in bed and enjoy jazz, I figure I should do something more productive. So after dinner, I take a shot of Hennessy, put on my earphones, and let jazz walks me through the neighborhood. Lately Bird is leading my way with his amazing alto saxophone. His intoxicating sounds combine with a little buzz from the liquor stimulate quite a pleasure strolling experience. I have been walking until the record stops, which is forty-five minutes to an hour each day. It’s long enough to break some sweats. The cool breeze of the evening feels so nice. After the walking is done, the buzz is also gone, and I get more energetic afterward. Because of this little exercise, I have been able to sleep better. I have been doing this for the past three weeks; however, if I want to continue, I need to drop the Hennessy or else I’ll become an alcoholic. A shot a day keeps the doctor away, right? Speaking of doctors, mom keeps bugging me to see my doctor about my bleeding nose. She gave me some pills, but they don’t help at all. I told her I am getting better so she is not so worried, but my nose has been bleeding tremendously. I am wondering if it is the heat or the alcohol.