Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Omelet)

Most restaurants translate Banh Xeo as Vietnamese Pancake. I would call it omelets to be more exact since it is prepared more like an omelet. Summertime is the best time for Banh Xeo because we need the fresh veggies. The variety of herbs, especially the lizard’s tail (rau dap ca), boosts the flavor significantly. Of course, a good mixed bowl of fish sauce is required. To make a good Banh Xeo, the skin needs to thin and crispy. Cu xan (the white strips that sneak out from the photo) needs to be sweet and juicy. I like the stuffing to have at least two jumbo shrimps and a bit of pork’s fat. A bottle of chilled beer, preferably Sapporo, might be necessary to wash down the food.