Back to the Grind

Even a week of relaxing and hanging out with the family zoomed by in a flash. Thanks to those who sent the kind words to my mother. She is doing well now, or else I would not leave her. Although a week was to spend for mom (surgery and doctor visits), I benefited from it too. I needed the time off to clear my head, but now I am back to work.

Just added a slideshow for the McCaskey Alumni Association. I had to select 50 from 900 images from a disk, and the photos reminded me of the good old days. I also upgraded to WordPress for tighter security. Although I am not taking anymore freelance projects, I can’t turn down my cousin. So I’ll be working on a website for Suzanne Shu after my two major projects for Vassar winding down. The redesign of the entire Development website is going smoothly. The new design is approved but the site is nowhere near completion. As for redesign of German Studies, it is going back to the drawing board.

On another note, Delta Tango Bravo has put together an impressive favicon collection. See if you can spot visualgui.