Asia 46 – Hanh Trinh 30 Nam

Asia’s Hanh Trinh 30 Nam, a Vietnamese Legacy, is more convincing than Thuy Nga’s 30 Nam Vien Xu. For one, Asia did not make their video looks like they just want to cash in on the event, even though it was one of the main purposes. For two, they were able to stick to the theme throughout the video by eliminating most of the sex-driven performances. All the hosts, especially Duong Ngoc Anh, had done an excellent job of leading the program. Even Trinh Hoi had improved tremendously from the previous show, My Nhan Ngu.

The main theme of Hanh Trinh 30 Nam is to celebrate and look back at what expatriate Vietnamese has accomplished over the past thirty years in America and around the world. The video also brings up some controversial issues, but let just stay with the musical performances. While Thanh Thuy, Le Thu, and Thanh Tuyen continued to sway us with their timeless voices, Phan Van Hung captured our soul for the first time appearring on Asia with his own heart-wrenching composition, “20 Nam.” Mad props to Asia production for putting on a Ngoc Lan’s dedication. While Y Phuong and Thanh Truc had done their best to bring back the indelible image of Ngoc Lan. Tuan Vu and Son Tuyen took us back to the good old days when “Nguoi Yeu Co Don” touched every lonely heart of Vietnamese American. From Ngoc Huyen to Thien Kim to Don Ho, each singer provides emotional strength to the show. Even Trish has written an emotional song for the event. Once again, Asia has created one of the best DVDs of the year.