Luu Chi Vy – Mong Nguoi Ta Luon Tot… Luon Yeu Em

Sure, Luu Chi Vy’s debut album, Mong Nguoi Ta Luon Tot… Luon Yeu Em (Hope He Will Always Be Good… Aways Love You), makes a perfect coffee-shop music. It has all the right hooks, melodies, and lyrics. Yet, catchy as hell is Luu Chi Vy’s charming, sweet, and vestal voice. He sounds more convincing for a pretty boy who has been dumped for the first time than a handsome guy chasing after girls.

The album showcases seven most pathetic songs written by Nhat Trung. After listening to the whole joint, the chorus that sticks out is “Va the la anh sang sang cu café / Va the la anh toi toi cung café / Chi muon gap em de anh xin so phone / Nhung sao anh chang thay em.” Even for none-Vietnamese listeners, they could easily understand the lyrics if they could pick up the words café and phone. Nhat Trung should be able to go to any coffee shop in Viet Nam and drink for free since “Chay Theo Co Be Yeu” (Chasing the Lovely Girl), a cha-cha-inflected groove, is a coffee-shop anthem.

Nhat Trung has not only written some of the elementary lyrics with lengthy titles – “Mong Nguoi Ta Luon Tot… Luon Yeu Em,” “Nguoi Ay va Toi Em Phai Chon” (Him and Me You Have to Choose), and “Hom Qua Khac… Hom Nay Khac” (Yesterday was different… Today is Different) – he has also injected Chinese melodies into his compositions. Every song has the smooth and syrupy Chinese vibes that would enhance the bitter coffee without adding sugar and extra spices.

Even though I don’t like my coffee black, sugary pops aren’t the right flavor for my cup of coffee either. But that’s just me, an old guy who isn’t moved by Luu Chi Vu’s pathos. Ladies are probably crying their hearts out while listening to the emotional “Khong The O Ben Nhau” (Can’t Be Together). The trick is that if he could get the girls to come, the boys will follow. The formula works like a magic stick.