Bo Bay Mon (Seven-course Beef)

I can’t wait for the weekend to come so I drive up to Dorchester for my favorite Bo 7 Mon at Pho 2000. Even though Bo 7 Mon is being served at several Vietnamese restaurants in Dorchester, Pho 2000 stand out the most, thanks to their incomparable Mam Nem (Fermented Anchovy Dip). Based on Mekong’s style, their version of Mam Nem includes fine chopped fresh lemongrass and pineapple.

Beef is the main part, but the meal would not be complete without the savory dip and fresh vegetables. My favorite dishes are Bo Nhung Dam (Beef Fondue), Bo Chien Bo (Butter-Fried Beef), Bo Tai Chanh (Rare Beef With Lime), Bo La Lot (Grilled Beef-stuffed Leaves), and Bo Mo Chay (Fatty Beef). I am not too crazy about Cha Dum (Beef Pate) and Chao Bo (Beef Congee). Fortunately, switching dishes are allowed.

I like the way they serve each course one at a time, instead of throwing everything on the table at once. I also like the self-serving part of the meal. Some like it rare, some like it cook, some like a certain vegetables, and some don’t. So the best solution is to let each person does it the way he or she prefers. My rolls are always packed with vegetables, which required two spring papers to hold them together. Obviously a glass of cold beer is the best choice for washing down the beef and Mam Nem, but they don’t serve alcohol at Pho 2000. So a glass of durian shake is not a bad supplement.

Anh Hong, a newer restaurant also in Dorchester, offers Ca Bay Mon (seven-course fish) as an adaptation. Although the dishes are not so bad, they just don’t flow together as smooth as the original Bo 7 Mon.