All That Jazz

Jazz, a film by Ken Burns, is an inspiring documentary on one of the most influential pieces of music in America and the world. Although the film is more than 19 hours long (10-episode), the short but intriguing biographies of jazz masters, especially the dramatic life of Charlie Parker, keep the viewers engaging. From the “Pop” of jazz (Louis Armstrong) to one of jazz best composers (Duke Ellington) to one of jazz greatest vocalists (Billie Holiday) to one of the swingiest drummers (Chick Webb), Jazz is a great introduction to a distinctive American art form.

Tung Duong is a fresh new musician in Viet Nam who has tremendous potential. His debut album, Chay Tron (Escape), which featured seven tracks from Le Minh Son, has some hipnotizing jazz tunes. His version of “Chay Tron” is way better than Tran Thu Ha‘s, and his rendition of “Trang Khat” is unmatchable.

Tim Brown joins our web team two weeks ago. He brings many exciting things to our group including his jazz and blues collections, which is quite extensive. My iTunes is on a heavy rotation with all of his music selections, especially his dad’s jazz mix (the man has a great taste). Welcome Tim and thanks for the grooves.