Snowboarding and more

Mixed Grabs

Alexandra Marvar frontpage banner. Shameless self-promotion.! You heard it right. You can surf but you can’t click. Very cool way to navigate. The intuitive interface design and the fluid transition make the site fun to look around. Give it a try.

Disturbing the peace. These guys and gals are jamming in the forest. Groovy baby!

Holy moly. That’s a crazy crash!

Sometimes working with a headphone help, especially when your office is below the college dorm. For the past two days, I’ve been hearing constant bedroom squeaks when I take off my headphone. Yes! I am still hearing it. Damn kids, keep it down. I am trying to get some work done. This is what it feels like working in my office. Well! Not that extreme, but you get the picture.

Snowboarding and more