Viet Burgers

Spent a Friday with my best buddy who I haven’t hung out with for more than four years. Luan and I go way back to seventh grade. Unfortunately, we went our separate ways after high school. He moved to Cali and settled down. Nevertheless, he remains closest out of all my boys.

While rewinding and reminiscing the good old days, his uncle prepared some hamburgers and hot dogs for us. The burgers were so delicious that I had to ask him his secrets. He simply said that the patties were marinated with a dollop of fish sauce, MSG, salt and sugar. As a result, the beef was tender and had a savory flavor. I normally could not finish a hamburger, yet I had two of his Vietnamese style burgers. Thanks to Luan’s uncle who is such a cool and mellow man. His sons and Italian wife are some of the nicest and down to earth folks I have met.