A Wounded Parrot

That vivid scene I still remember,
How can I forget, very heart-rending, my friend!
Under the fresh yellow light of a morning sun,
I stole the life of a little bird.

A parrot on a branch finds fruits,
Looks happy, slips, dances, and slides around,
Targeted by my gun, blows up “pop,”
Bird tumbles and falls down to the ground.
Blood streaming, bird looks at me wanting to ask:
“Who are you? Why do you come here?
All your life, I never come to disturb,
But you have the heart to rob my youthful life.

Sky, river, mountain, grass, flower may
Belong to nature for all living creatures to enjoy.
Blissful life, I live in the fresh air.
You still have the whole earth to take pleasure.

Now I die, my heart won’t resent,
Only pity for the cruel humanity;
Only cry in silence for those savages,
Taking away the lives of those innocent.”

Translated from Tran Gia Thoai’s “Con Ket Bi Thuong”