Pla (Thai Fermented Fish)

While waiting for my lunch at a Thai cuisine, Lemongrass, the waitress offers me some samples of pla (Thai fermented fish) she brought back from Thailand. Either my forehead has the invisible three F words “fermented fish fiend” or I complimented on their Tom Yum seafood soup with “exquisitely delicious,” I got a “real” Thai’s authentic treat. Unlike Vietnamese mam (fermented fish), pla has no uncomfortable scent; therefore, it was safe to serve even there were a few American tables in the restaurant. Just like Vietnamese fermented fish, pla’s savory flavor is perfect for white rice and fresh vegetables. As I am enjoying pla, the owner switches the music from Norah Jones to Thai’s traditional folk instrumental making the atmosphere to be more exotic, even right in the middle of the afternoon.

Lemongrass is my favorite Thai food place located right on Main Street in New Paltz, which is about fifteen minutes drive from Poughkeepsie. Like I said, the Tom Yum seafood soup is excellent. Love the spicy, sweet, and sour tang. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the photo because I was so hungry and did not think of it. Yes! I am one of those who don’t think straight when I have no food in my system. The Seafood Puket is also delicious, but the thing that gets me hooked to the place is a jar that is filled with hot peppers drowned by the fish sauce. The hot and slightly salty peppers enhanced the flavor of any dish I ordered.