Goi (salad)

Goi (salad) is an appetizer that many alcoholic heads love. They can drink and enjoy goi all night. There are many types of goi: goi du du (green papaya salad), goi ngo sen (lotus stem salad), goi da heo (pork skin salad), and goi bo. Each has its unique flavor, but my favorite is goi coc (ambarella salad). Unfortunately, ambarella is hard to find and way to expensive in the States.

Ambarella is one of my desired fruits. Just thinking of the juicy, sweet, and sensational taste of trai coc chin (ripe ambarella) is making me drooling all over. I also love the sour and crunchy taste of it deeps into mam ruoc (fermented shrimp paste) or fish sauce mixed with sugar and hot peppers. Any coc fiend out there?