Will Smith – Lost & Found

Will Smith is mad and he is not taking any heat from that “fat, ugly chic in New York on the radio, saying [he’s] gay.” Will takes a stab at Wendy Williams on one of his angry tracks, “I Wish I Made That/Swagga.” He actually says the F. word on his latest album Lost & Found.

Like his previous recordings, Will has a handful of tracks for the club heads including “Party Starter,” “Switch,” and Snoop’s combo “Pump Your Brakes.” Unlike his previous recordings, however, he has a few issues to get off his chest. On”Tell Me Why,” along with Mary J. Blige, he touches on September 11 and the war on Iraq. “Mr. Nice Guy” hits Em up and Ms. Williams too. The title track “Lost & Found” takes it out on the rappers, ” Why should I try to sound like ya’ll sound? / that’s what’s wrong with the rap game right now / Man, it’s like a circus wit a bunch of clowns.”

While Will claims to be original, doesn’t he sound like DMX when he starts off “Party Starter” with, “get on the floor?” Doesn’t his flow resemblance Rakim on the first verse and Lloyd Banks on the second verse of “Wave Em Off?” Could “Could U Love Me” be 50’s “21 Questions?” Let’s not mention his true story “Loretta” reminds us of Eminem’s “Stan.”