Poem Translation

Natalie Friedman in the Learning and Writing Center is a wonderful English tutor. In addition to working closely with me on my grammar, she has been very encouraging. She motivates me to translate music lyrics or poems to improve my word choices. So here is my first translation of Tran Gia Thoai’s “Con Ngua Que,” an inspiring poem about a crippled horse. The message behind the poem is interesting and could be applied to human beings. I tried my best to stay close to the original context and keep the same syllables. Hope you will enjoy it.

Crippled Horse

Because in a race
A horse used much strength,
Broke his leg, fell down,
He became useless.

Owner is heartless,
Keeps feeding, wastes grass.
Can’t just let them go,
So he cuts his fresh.

Horse is sad in tears,
Thought he was so strong,
Won many races
Broke many records.

Now he’s deeply hurt,
No one seems to care,
Yet wanting to slice
His meat, skin, and bone.

Regret for no love
If goes by the law,
Owner is at fault,
Demands for support.

Love and care for yourself,
In case of deep steps, lose life.