Leyna Nguyen

Denise Nguyen at Nguoi Viet Online 2 covered an inspiring story on the young and intelligent Vietnamese-American newscaster Leyna Nguyen. If you follow the article, “Anchoring Herself in the Community,” all the way through, notice the paragraph before the ending reads:

“She shows the importance of going back to your roots and to know who you are in order to succeed. And she is a successful woman,” said Donny Truong, a Website designer at Vassar College who manages the popular site for young Vietnamese Americans, www.visualgui.com, where visitors have posted 100 comments on Nguyen and Asia 43. “Not too many Vietnamese people make it to the mainstream media, and she did.”

I didn’t realize that the comment form was not working. No wonder the site has been so quiet for the past couple of days. The form is fixed now so get your comments on.