A Few Notes

If you don’t think school can be distracting, listen to an interview with the “Rapper, Producer, Composer: The RZA” on Fresh Air. At the age of fourteen, RZA sat in class and dreamed of screwing his teacher. I was as guilty as charged. At that age, I could not speak a word of English; therefore, listening to a lecture was meaningless. So I had no choice but to entertain my mind.

Greg Tate’s “MCs Are Paid, Not Born” drops some heavy-handed criticisms on the Game and his debut The Documentary.

I thought Kristine Sa’s reBIRTH was bad. J. Lo’s Rebirth is even worst.

Everything Tori has a beautiful design and tableless layout. The elegance use of colors fit Tori Amos style.

CSS Reboot on May 1st, anyone?