Hoa Bien DVD 2 – Yeu Nguoi Say

After releasing several ridiculous DVD, Hoa Bien productions are finally catching on. Their latest music and comedy video Yeu Nguoi Say (Love the Drunker) is viewable with the mix of singers in Viet Nam and US. Despite the foolish topic (liquor) and the silly host (I am tired of watching Chi Tai), the video provides some entertaining contents.

The song that jumps out at me is Jimmy J.C Nguyen’s “Niem Dau Chom Ha.” He is one rare Vietnamese artist who can write and sing equally well. This song showcases his new style, which is refreshing, reviving, and very “Hue.” His flow is exceptional and his lyric is beautiful. I am sure Quang Linh will cop this song in the near future.

Ngo Thanh Van surprises me with her vocal improvements compare to a year ago when her second album Bi An Van Trang dropped. She’s hot and she has the groove, but her style is uneven on the video. She looks cute in some outfits but discord in others. Her dancers are even worse. Their styles are in between puck-rock and hip-hop, but their moves are not so bad. Together they rocked the video.

Glad to see Thuy Duong’s back. Her voice is incredible on “Tinh Lo” even though her pronunciation of the “th” (thoi) and “dd” (doi) is a bit strange. Thanh Truc pulls off Trinh Cong Son’s “Nhu Canh Vat Bay” adequately. She would sound much better if she could control her breath. Thu Phuong’s performance on “Chen Dang” is pleasurable although Dam Vinh Hung’s version is more expressive.

“Ve Day Thoi Em Hoi” is lyrically inspiring but the video does not articulate the song to its fullest. Tinh production would have captured the song much better. Dam Vinh Hung’s sentiment is honestly delivered. In contrast, his performance with Hong Ngoc on “Lien Khuc Duong Xa Uoc Mua” isn’t quite captivating. Hong Ngoc looks like a Vietnamese version of Da Brat back in the “Funkdafied” days with her braided hair, loose shirt, and baggy jeans.

Rebecca Quynh Giao and Quynh Anh are blazing in the sexy Japanese customs that show off their cleavages on “Say.” Especially Rebecca, she is irresistible. Keep on shaking them thangs, ma!

When the production toned Nguyen Huy down to his age, he is a cute and talented kid. He’s no longer a little pimp, but a “Tieu Hoang Phi Hung” (a little Kung Fu fighter). Although the flying on water and the fighting scenes are filmed with special effects, he has the skill and the charisma to pull them off. Not only that, he can also acts. His performance with Hoai Linh and Thuy Muoi on the skit “Yeu Nguoi Say” is plausible.

Hoa Bien productions have learned from their mistakes and taken away many controversial issues. Luckily, they haven’t taken away the models. I don’t care what people say, but beautiful faces do add something nice to the video. I also must give Hoa Bien props for filming both places (Viet Nam and US). The expenses must be incredibly high. Keep up the good work.