Various News

As I was walking back to the campus after lunch, a group of Vassar students with red paint covered their T-shirts and faces holding up a military protest sign chasing two Navy officers off the campus. Here is a photo of a student lying dead in Main building. Vassar is an interesting place.

John Balaban along with Ngo Thanh Nhan and Nguyen Boi Co will be performing Ho Xuan Huong’s poetry today at Vassar. Check out the frontpage banner created by me.

Hong Nhung’s Khu Vuon Yen Tinh live show is today in Viet Nam. Wish could I attend. She will be chatting with fans online tomorrow night (Vietnamese time) over at VN Express.

My favorite musical producer has a website, check out

Kim Tran sliced off her husband’s “little man” while sexing and flushed him down the toilet. Fortunately, the water utility workers found the “little man” and the surgeon put him back in place. She is charged with genital amputation. Damn! She is not playing around.