Yummy Worms

Duong Dua are worms that eat coconut shoots. They choose the most prosperous coconut trees, bore themselves into the peak, give birth, and together (about 100 at a time) they suck the brains out of the coconut shoots. By the time they are full and satisfied, even the strongest coconut tree could not survived.

When I was nine, my cousins dared me to try them, and I did. They were delicious. Of course, I did not just picked them up and eat them alive. They were grilled inside the bamboo until crispy. Took them out and dipped in fish sauce that was mixed with tamarind, sugar, and hot peppers. Because Duong Dua ate the best part of coconut, they were fat, creamy, and juicy. Along with herbs, vegetables, and the special tamarind fish sauce, Duong Dua is a great dish for drinker. Not sure if I can eat them now.

Although I was only nine at the time, I still remember the vivid details of helping my cousins preparing Duong Dua fries. Picked him up, inserted a peanut into his belly, the milk oozed out, then threw him on the fryer. I called him “Duong chip with tons of protein.”

Imagine throwing a fattest Duong Dua into a bottle of Gusano Rojo Mezcal. I’ll be drunk in a quickness.

Thanks to Pieman for good old memory.