My Quiet Garden

Hong Nhung is right. Everyone should have a quiet garden. So allow me to present mine. While she shares her quiet garden through her voice, I share mine through my design. The white background brings the site back to the basics. Playing off her album, I added several graphic elements on the bottom right including the dewdrops (Giot Suong) and the woodpecker (Con Chim Sau). Clever huh? Let me pat myself on my back.

As you can see, the layout is not completely redesigned. It is more like a make over. With the Vietnamese tradition, cleaning up the house before New Year is to get rid of the bad luck and prepare for a fresh start. So the site is as clean as it gets, not just only the look and feel but the coding and the structuring was well. I also recreate all the screenshots on the sites section because the old rectangular curves are not pleasing to my eyes anymore. All images on the entire site are now converted to PNG to take the advantage of its transparency. So if I get tired of staring at the white pages, I can change the colors instantly on my CSS file and not having to deal with color matching issue. So don’t be so shock if you see the site fills with purple haze. If that is the case, you know I listen to that Killa Kam’s 1970s heroin flow way too much and not because I smoke cracks.

So there you have it. The cleaner and crisper site is here to celebrate the year of the Cock. No ladies, I am talking about chicken, not dildo. Oh boy! I need a quick nap. Enjoy your staying and have a great Lunar New Year!

Thanks Hong Nhung for the inspiration.