Dream of Sound

Giot Suong Tren Mi Mat” weaved into my dream last night. I could not see clearly, but definitely heard the music because when I woke up at 2:09 in the morning, when Hong Nhung screamed near the ending, my stereo was still playing. I forgot to put it to sleep. I have heard countless versions of “Giot Suong Tren Mi Mat,” but Hong Nhung’s interpretation swept me off my feet. She accomplished the high notes perfectly and, at the same time, rided beautifully with the dynamic arrangement. The voice and the beat left a deep sound in my dream.

Here is Patrick Gallagher’s translation of Thanh Tung’s “Giot Suong Tren Mi Mat.”

Dew Drops On My Lids

How could I know
Each time the sun rose
The sun dropped its tears
On my ma and my pa

Now I am grown
Buds bloom in my heart
Dew drops on my lids
So that’s love, tears of first love

With my first words
I yelled out at life
My moods like the wind
So some things don’t change

Just now I see
Some years have piled on
Tear drops all dried up
Still life seems, life seems so hard

When I smile and think sad thoughts
Why don’t I cry, make light my dark mind?
Because sometimes, looking at life
Joy shines in my eyes and my tears shine on my lips

Please let my cry
Soft sounds from my voice
My tears in a flood
Would drain my sad mood

Each time I’ve won
A smile in my heart
Dew drops on my lids
That’s sun drops, tears from the sun
Dew drops in my lids
That’s sun drops, tears from the sun