I’m Listening (Toi Dang Lang Nghe)

Inspired by Patrick Gallagher’s “English Words for Vietnamese Songs,” I attempt to translate Trinh Cong Son’s “Toi Dang Lang Nghe (I’m Listening),” a vivid performance by Cam Van on Xin Cho Toi. Although Trinh’s words in this song are simple, the poetic lyrics create beautiful images; therefore, I stay closely to the original context as well as try to fit in the same musical syllables. So listen to the song, follow along, and enjoy!

I’m Listening

Quiet of nights, I’m listening
Quiet of days, I’m listening
Quiet of lives, I’m listening
I’m listening
A lonely heart, as nights passed by
Quiet of folks, I’m listening
Quiet of mines

Quiet rivers, I’m listening
Quiet hilltops, I’m listening
Quiet breathings, I’m listening
I’m listening, quiet breathings
After the storms
Quiet faces, hear many wounds
On palm of hand

I’m listening, quiet of loves
A love has passed, I’m listening
When flowers dried, quiet of buds
I’m listening, I’m listening
I’m listening, my quiet life