Racist Radio Jocks

Making fun of the Tsunami victims is the most despicable thing to do, yet only in America where we would do such thing. I am sure we would not be so pleased if someone in another country makes fun of our September 11 crisis. Learn to respect others if we want some respect. Fortunately, only a few fools at Hot 97 who think the “Tsunami Song” is funny while the rest of us don’t.

What the heck is wrong with these radio stations making racist jokes? Two weeks ago, Power 99, used to be my favorite hip-hop radio in Philly, called an Indian woman “dirty-rat eater” and threatened to “choke the f out of [her].” It’s not her fault that big corporations move to India. That sucker should have taken his anguish out on the company instead.

Like my man Elton John says, “It’s sad, so sad / It’s a [fucked up] situation / And it’s getting more and more absurd.” I just happen to listen to this song while writing this post, but it fits well with the contents.