Misogynist Rappers

In my recent review of Cam’ron’s Purple Haze, I ask listeners to not pay attention to the content but focus only on the aesthetic qualities. Why? A few of his lines below demonstrate the reason:

“Your budget on my neck, your spouse on my dick” from “Get ‘Em Girls”

“You’re a dickhead, not dildo” from “More Gangsta Music”

“Put your meat on my stick like a shish-ka-bob” from “Hey Ladies”

“Pluck ya ace take ya girl fuck her face / She’s dealin’ with Killa so you love her taste / She swallowin’ Killa cause she love the taste.” From “Down and Out”

“And you know I’m in the buildin’ mister / with the Olsen twins, or the Hilton sisters / And I haul ’em in to the Hiltons, mister / I milked them, I killed them, you quilt them.” From “Girls”

Cam’ron is not the only misogynist jerk in the game. Even one of the best lyricist MCs does it too. Here are some of Nas’s lines from Street’s Disciple:

“I had bad chicks that blow cum bubbles like bubblegum.” From “Nazareth Savage”

“I squeeze nipples like pimples to get the puss.” From “Nazareth Savage”

“She’ll scream as I pushed in her freezin’ cold pool / When she piss she gon’ bleed in the whole stool / That’s how much I wanna bang and touch her pretty thing.” From “You Know My Style”

“Chelsea used to tell me choke her while I stroke her / Stuck a Heineken bottle up in the ass, a real joker.” From “Remember The Times”

Chris Rock loves rap but hates to defend rap. The lines above are impossible to defend rap as a form of art. I love rap too but I go for the aesthetic experience, not the misogynism.