Hong Nhung – Mot Ngay Moi

If Hong Nhung’s albums rank by age, Mot Ngay Moi is the youngest one. I like to call it a Hoi Xuan (undergo the change of life) album since the tunes she selected are simple, soft, and easy to listen. In addition, the mid-tempo grooves, produced by Quoc Trung, suggest fun, young, and carefree; therefore, she sings like a virgin who appreciates the pureness of life. She does not reach deep or climb high, but just flow effortlessly.

The album opens with Huy Tuan’s “Mot Ngay Moi,” and like the tile suggested, a new day has begun. The sun has filled the city and wakened her up to sing for a beautiful green day. The hip-hop inspired beat makes me want to get up and get my morning workout on. Then “Xa Lam Roi,” which written by Le Quang and Hong Nhung, continues with her fresh vocals breathing into the hip-hop vibes. Not sure why Bao Chan’s “Roi Dau Yeu Ve” starts off with the beatbox that has nothing to do with the calmed and relaxed arrangement. Quoc Trung’s invigorating mix and Hong Nhung’s uncomplicated delivery give Huy Tuan’s “Mua (Dung Tanh Nhe)” an aroma of world music.

The only slow track on the album is Bao Chan’s “Loi Toi Hat,” and Hong Nhung gives a flawless performance; however, I am questioning the origin of the song. The tune sounds familiar, especially in the beginning when the piano starts to play, but I cannot put the title to song. Did Bao Chan lift the melody again?

Hong Nhung always surprises her listeners by switching her style constantly. Even though she does it skillfully, fans whose love her sentimental performances will be disappointed with Mot Ngay Moi. In contrast, the youthfulness of the album will welcome more young fans to her work.

Bonjour Vietnam