Tuan Ngoc & Thai Hien – Da Khuc Nguyen Dinh Phung

The singings are slow and the beats are mellow. Da Khuc Nguyen Dinh Phung is quiet, calm, and relax, but not boring. Thanks to producer Duy Cuong for his magical fingers. The musical arrangements along with the ambient vocals of Tuan Ngoc and Thai Hien set Nguyen Dinh Phung’s compositions in a nocturnal atmosphere.

Nguyen Dinh Phung is a relaxed songwriter; therefore, who can perform his music better than the easygoing Tuan Ngoc? On “Dem Hoai Vong,” Tuan Ngoc sounds as laid-back as he could be, and the saxophone added the fragrance of jazz to the work. His pleasurable and tangible deliveries on “Toc May” and “Em Co Nho” make me want to reach for more, as if they were a glass of French Martini.

Thai Hien performances are no less addictive. Her serenading vocals on “Dem Sau” take listeners deep into the night while her aspirate flows fly the audiences freely with “Hoang Hac (Yellow Flamigo).” Of course, none of these aesthetic experiences are possible without the amazing sounds of Duy Cuong.

Da Khuc Nguyen Dinh Phung is a rare and timeless work. It’s a contemporary nocturne album that takes more then one listen to appreciate its exquisite contents. Once the images are accessible, the compositions speak loud and clear even though the lyrics and melodies are restful.