Frustrating User Experience

After having no luck searching through the local Vietnamese stores for Hong Nhung’s Mot Ngay Moi, I decided to make an online purchase through Vietnamese websites for the first time and my experience is not so pleasant. I placed an order on, waited for a week and received nothing. I logged back into my account and the order was cancelled because they were out of stock. They did not bothered to notify me.

I hopped over to Hoa Phuong Nam since it is the only place that has the album I want. Made the transaction through PayPal, received a payment email with the product name Xa Roi Toc May, which I did not ordered. I contacted Hoa Phuong Nam to clear things up and they requested additional money for Hong Nhung’s Mot Ngay Moi. What? I can’t believe it. They did not stated why they needed additional two dollars, but I paid them anyway since it is only a small amount. I contacted them again regarding to the status of my order and no one replied.

Vietnamese websites need to conduct more professional customer services. Until then, this is my first and last time buying a Vietnamese product online.