12th Anniversary Kim Loi Cali

With the slushy weather outside, the best way to kill my misery is to watch Vietnamese music DVDs. When the video is boring, it would not help, but -thankfully- Kim Loi’s 12th Anniversary is a great time killer. The goal for the DVD is simply music. Thanh Tung may not be the best host, but he does a good job of keeping the introductions to the minimal. It’s amazing that someone actually learned from other MCs’ mistakes.

The performances are consistently good; therefore, I won’t go into every detail, but only highlight the ones that stand out for me. The young new face, Anh Tuan, has great potentials. His voice is along the line of Nguyen Khang’s, but not as smoky. His style is definitely influenced by Tuan Ngoc. Similar to Anh Tuan, Quang Tuan is also inspired by Tuan Ngoc. His singing on “Gui Nguoi Em Gai” is beautiful.

Khanh Ha gives a fantastic performance on Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” in both French and English. Her splendid voice pushes the band and she does it her way. While Khanh Ha is sizzling hot, Thu Phuong is on fire with her own interpretation of “Bang Bang.” What an attidude she brings to the work. Her powerful vocals give “Bang Bang” a fresh vibe.

Kim Loi has brought something new to the table by inviting both singers from the States and Vietnam. The combination is nicely integrated. The only mistake Kim Loi made was inviting a white dude to host a Vietnamese show. His accents are horrible and he just memorizes the notes. Tuan Anh would be a great MC. His freaky look and his dirty mind will bring something new to the show. He cracks me up.