Asia 45 – My Nhan Ngu

Only two months after Mua Re Ruc Ro 2004 released, Asia followed up with their latest effort My Nhan Ngu video just in time for the holidays. I am thrilled that they could pull it off but I am not so surprised at all by the poor quality. Obviously, Asia throw something together quickly to make a few extra bucks for the holidays.

Stealing off My Le’s vol.3 album title, My Nhan Ngu is the lamest theme Asia have ever come up with. Even the MCs don’t have anything to tell so they make a few corny jokes and introduce the video quickly (sometimes it works but not in this case). That’s why Asia hired Trinh Hoi, lawyer turns MC, for some silly interactions with the female singers. Asia also featured Do Thanh Xuan, model turns MC, offers nothing but a new face on screen.

The performances are horrible and Asia recycle the same old songs over again. They need to retired those translated songs including “Tuyet Roi,” “Vien Du Mua Xuan,” and the Boney M’s. On the “Lien Khuc Boney M” I didn’t even hear Cardin’s voice. He was there for the Puriti’s choreography. Even Nguyen Khang’s “Loi Thu Toi” performance puts me to sleep. He needs to take that “bling bling” off his ear. He looks ridiculous with an earing on. Shayla needs to put on some clothes until she looses that gut.

On the bright side, I a glad to see Don Ho joins Asia and teaming up with Lam Thuy Van once again. He has been on the down low for a while. Hope to see him make a come back on Asia’s stage.

Beside Thanh Truc’s cleavage (did she get a boob job?), nothing is exciting in Asia 45. I can’t see any other reasons to put out such a trivial work beside cashing in some quick dollars for the holidays. Come on Asia! Stop wasting folks’ money.