Saturday morning with nothing to do, I hopped on the train to NYC for the reopening of MoMA. Despite the wet weather, the free admission (worth $20) attracted tons of viewers. The line was ridiculously long so there was no way for me to stand in and wait. As I walked away with disappointment, I spotted this beautiful waterfall view. It’s a great spot for reading, eating, and chatting. Speaking of eating, I was craving for my favorite Chinese lunchbox (Roast Duck/Roast Pork with Rice) so I took the subway to Chinatown. After a 4 bucks meal, I decided to head back to Poughkeepsie because the rain poured harder. While at Grand Central station, I stopped for a few minutes to enjoy an underground breakdance. Michael Jackson’s impersonator was the only performer the last time I was there. This time he recruited an impressive crew with him. Even on a dreary day, NYC still has tons of activities. It’s definitely a city that never sleeps.