Mi Vit Kim Cham (Dry Noodle with Roast Duck, Lily Buds, & Bamboo Shoots)

This is a special collaboration between mom and me. Before you scream out loud, “Damn! Donny can cook,” can you figure out which portion I made by looking at this yummy dish? Yes, you got it. It’s the instant noodle part. I am wonderful cook, am I not? You don’t need me to tell you how to make that, do you?

The best portion of this dish is the Roast Duck with Lily Buds and Bamboo Shoots, which prepared by mom. My favorite part is the Lily Buds which have a light sweet and a pleasant tang that enhances the flavor of my noodle greatly. This is by far one of the most fancy instant noodle dishes I ever had. Mom, you’re still the best.