My Tam’s Live Show – Ngay Ay & Bay Gio

The media needs to back off My Tam. She deserves all the praises for her hard work because she rocked her concert. Ngay Ay & Bay Gio was beautifully executed so I don’t know what the negative criticisms were about. She is young, talented, beautiful, and creative.

Even though she performed almost all of her signature songs such as “Toc Nau Moi Tram,” “Hoa Mi Toc Nau,” “Cay Dan Sinh Vien,” “Hat Cho Nguoi O Lai,” “Uoc Gi,” “Mai Yeu” and many more, the music are newly arranged to give viewers some fresh vibes. In addition, the live orchestra added an exquisite experience to the show. The only song I wish she would perform was “Hat Voi Dong Song.” No one can express that song better than she can.

Vocally, My Tam did a fantastic job and she was able to perform 18 plus songs without a short of breath. In “Trai Tim Em Con Yeu,” she impressed me with her English pronunciations. Although there were flaws in some of the words, her English improved tremendously. Her acapella version of Trinh Cong Son’s “Dem Thay Ta La Thac Do” was still mesmerizing. Her own materials, “Nu Hon Bat Ngo” and “Vi Dau,” obviously can’t match up with other songwriters’ works but they were lively and well written. I highly encourage My Tam to keep on writing. She has potential.

Choreographically, My Tam has a great stage charisma. From rock inspired “Bang Bang” to Spanish passion “Tinh Thoi Xot Xa,” she knew how to work the crowd, especially the way she swang her hair in “Xich Lo” and a little rump shakers in “Hoa Mi Toc Nau.” The ballerina/break-dance in “Yeu Dai Kho” is highly innovative. It’s jaw dropping to see My Tam leaped high, rolled on the floor, and did a split at the end. The best part was that she was being herself out there and trying to have fun. She got hype and wild as she pleased and the crowd loved it and I surely adored it.

My Tam definitely has a fine taste in style. She looked elegant whether in a sophisticated evening gown or simple jeans and shirt. Unlike the hoochies on Paris By Night, she still appeared hot and sexy without bearing her skins. She proved talent has way more class than sex and I respect her for that.

Although Ngay Ay & Bay Gio was a huge investment for My Tam, it was worthwhile. She did everything she could and gave one of the best live concerts ever made in Vietnam. She should not allow the media to influence her works. She should spend her energy on pushing herself to the limit and expanding her artistic vision. My Tam’s live show is an alternative to the tiresome Paris By Night and their lip-synching. Beside the slightly poor quality on the DVD because of technicallity, the live show is pure entertainment.