Vassar’s Beauty

Inspired by the aesthetic beauty of Vassar, this particular motion piece is filled with wonderful shots of its campus and students. Actually, I had this project in mind for a while but never get a chance to work on it until this past weekend and it only took me a few hours. I felt in love with the campus the first time I came for my job interview. Watch the slideshow and you’ll see why. Make sure to crank up your speakers. I don’t care if your boss is standing right next to you.

Disclaimer! Even though the piece is about Vassar, it has nothing to do with work. It’s only for my personal entertainment purpose but if you are considering going to Vassar, you might want to check it out. All images are used with permission from Vassar. Music produced by Tomoyasu Hotei, courtesy of IRc2 Corp. and Toshiba-EMI Ltd.