The Best of Tuan Ngoc Selections – Huong Toc Em

Tuan Ngoc’s Huong Toc Em is a rare collection distributed by Tektronic Music, a production I have never heard of. I have no clue when the album released but the musical arrangements are nicely engineered. The album features ten original hits from songwriters/composers such as Bao Truong, Nguyen Tat Vinh, Hoang Viet, and Truong Phu Hau, who works are unfamiliar to me.

An album like Huong Toc Em certifies that Tuan Ngoc is still one of the best Vietnamese singers. He takes on dissimilar and unpopular songs that are not too many artists have the confidence to perform. Yet, he’s still able to captivate the listeners with his robust, suave, and smooth styles. His expert treatments on Bao Truong’s romantic despairs “Tren Nhanh Rong Tinh” and “Mach Suoi Nguon” alone demonstrated his astonishing talents. “Huong Toc Em,” “Toi Yeu Em Nghiet Nga,” “Doan Tinh” and the rest of the tracks are what you would expect from Tuan Ngoc.

Unlike other albums where you can tell whether it is good or best after listening to it for the first time, Huong Toc May, as well as other albums by Tuan Ngoc, doesn’t hit you right away. You might need to give it at least five times to sink in. It takes me at least ten listens to feel its vibe. If you’re not used to Tuan Ngoc’s style, chances are you won’t like this album. If you appreciate his signature songs, you’ll be grateful for possessing it.