Canh Kho Qua (Bitter Gourd Soup)

As a kid, I used to gag every time mom shoved Canh Kho Qua down my throat. I was too young to appriecate the bitterness of life -I mean Kho Qua- but now I couldn’t resist that wonderful tang. Canh Kho Qua is not only delectable to eat but good for your health as well. If you have diabetes, Canh Kho Qua would be great for you. When you’re eating too much hot and oily stuff, Canh Kho Qua will cool down your body system. It’s a great soup to add to your daily meals.

Speaking of Kho Qua, does anyone know where the name came from? It’s a very interesting name. I always thought kho means miserable which refers to the bitterness of the melon. Qua means done or over. So if you eat Canh Kho Qua, you won’t be miserable anymore. Right?