Paris By Night 74 – Hoa Buom Ngay Xua

“Co nhieu quy vi khang da cho minh cai quyen qua lon khi viet thu cho chung toi… Chung toi thay quy vi di qua xa roi day.” -Nguyen Ngoc Ngan.

Basically, what Nguyen Ngoc Ngan and Thuy Nga production said is that who do you [consumers] think you are? If you don’t like what we put out, go watch Asia, Van Son, Tinh or other productions. We don’t need you to tell us what to do.

What an insult. Are they forgetting the phrase, “customers always right?” Even if the audiences’ suggestions are invalid, they are still suggestions. They can just toss them out and not take them into consideration. They don’t have to publicly humiliating the viewers like that. It’s just inappropriate. What even worse is that Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen just stands there with the smirk on her fake face and notting her head to everything Nguyen Ngoc Ngan said. What would you feel if you were the one wrote the comment?

What is up with the double standards? Thuy Nga production kick you in your nuts with statements similar to above than turn around kiss your ass with the begging of buying their original products. As much as I respect Huynh Anh, Nguyen Hien, and Song Ngoc, I will not support their work through Thuy Nga. So if you haven’t seen Paris by Night 74, save your money for other productions who respect and value their viewers.